The Station Manager for Brigham Young University (BYU) Television International, Saul Leal has devoted the last five years of his career to the creation and marketing of a pay television channel in the Latin American region. After studying engineering at the National Experimental University of the Armed Forces, Mr. Leal began working in operation, logistics, and team coordination, taking on projects of all sizes. He first accepted a position working for the accounting and payroll department at the National Congress, and after two years serving in Europe, Mr. Leal moved to the United States to pursue higher education.

Saul Leal went on to earn his Master of Management from the Marriott School at Brigham Young University while also serving as the Latin America PartnerNet Coordinator for Novell, Inc. In addition to providing program training for groups across 11 countries, Mr. Leal grew the company’s base of distributors and coordinated the marketing distribution efforts for Novell in 3 countries and 2 languages. After obtaining his Master’s degree, he spent a small season as a Consultant for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Ltd.

These experiences, plus having lived in seven different countries and gaining the fluency to communicate in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, led Saul Leal to accept the opportunity to work as a Station Manager for BYU TV International. To supplement his skills in his new position, Mr. Leal enrolled at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He completed the school’s Management for TV Executives program, with a curriculum focused on generating interested audiences, industry-specific leadership skills, and strategies for growing the business and brand. Combining these skills and his professional experiences in his role at BYU TV International, Saul Leal is an intrapreneur and has built a viewer audience of 25 million people in 17 countries by coordinating and selecting engaging content in 3 languages, integrating satellite and mobile phone distribution, and intelligently targeting the brand. Besides his passion for BYU TV International’ s growth, Mr. Leal is currently undertaking the Managing Global Initiatives program at Stanford University.


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